Friday, March 18, 2016

Streaming the Cross

It's a strange little vision that I have when I make the sign of the Cross over people and things. It's as if this simple little action on my part cuts a hole in my perception of reality and through this cross-shaped hole pours a river out into the world. I see this happening every time I  sign the Cross.

Then I remember that, by my sins, I have crucified Our Lord. It is my actions that have contributed to His Death two-thousand years ago and that I have wielded the spear that pierced His side from which flowed blood and water.

Although I must bear responsibility for that sin, the Sacrifice of Christ has forced all sin confessed to Him to travel in Time to that cross and be nailed there forever. Any sin that I confess now travels back in Time to that dreadful day. Any sin that I don't confess travels with me into my future to continue my separation from God.

However, as a priest, I really rejoice in being given the authority to cut the veil of reality in this way. Every time I sign the Cross,  the waters of God's blessing pour from that wound into the world. This happens because, for all my wickedness and sin, I participate in that unique priesthood of Christ through whose side His blood of the New Covenant spilled. In making benediction, Christ's grace in me is reproducing that wound so that we may be covered in that blood and find blessing and true joy therein.

I am thankful to God for these little visions and pray, albeit faltering and unworthily, that He would be pleased to continue to use me for His blessing so that more people may feel His touch of joy and peace. Therefore, I am in much need of prayer and beg my readers that they would remember me in their prayers.

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