Thursday, December 29, 2005


Where do I start? I am a Catholic, not a Roman one, mind you, though I'd dearly love to be in Communion with His Holiness for whom I have a profound respect. No, I'm an Anglo-Catholic in the Church of England, though if the decision goes through to "ordain" women as bishops then I'm dropping the Anglo bit. I remain in the Church of England since I was born into it, and I don't really wish to leave it.

I'm a schoolteacher, but I confess that I don't like it very much for various reasons both political and personal. I am exploring a vocation into Benedictine Orders. So becoming an OSB may fulfil my love of academic study and my Catholic affectations. The trouble is that Anglican Religious orders seem to be on the wane. This would be a disaster if this actually happens.

I have a lot of friends in the Continuum, i.e. those Anglo-Catholics standing outside the Anglican communion. My dearest wish is that somehow all those various Catholic denominations should strive for a unity which will fight the growing menaces of Liberalism, Relativism and Individualism that are infecting the Church as well as society.

Such a wish can only come through prayer, but we need the prayer centres too.

Pass me my hassock, please.