Friday, March 25, 2016

Fearful Friday: "God is dead, and we have killed Him."

As we stand here at the summit of Calvary gazing up at this terrible sight of three men dangling in agony on crosses, how attuned are we to the fear that surrounds us.

This method of execution is supposed to strike fear into our hearts so to remind us to fear what men can do to us. Look what they have done to the man on the cross in the middle. What was this man's crime except for embarrassing the Establishment?

Isn't the Establishment to be feared? They have taken this man away from his friends, out of his circle of trust; they have taken away his clothes, his dignity, his justice, his health, his happiness, his life. If they can do that to him, can't they do it to us?

They prey upon our fears more than anything else. We are afraid of being taken out of our comfort zone, afraid of being laughed at and mocked, afraid that noone will hear our cries for help, afraid of pain and agony, of our secret person being exposed to all only to be beaten, spat on, nailed and pierced. And we fear death. 

That's what the Establishment can do to us. If they can do that to God, what's stopping them doing it to us? Shall we then worship the Establishment?

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