Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blogday 2015: Ten years!

This little blogling is ten years old. I can barely believe that I've been rambling on about things for an entire decade. So much has changed for me.
Initially, this blog happened when I accidently pressed the wrong button when trying to comment on The Continuum blog. The rest, as they say, is history and one can read that here if one is really that in need of a good night's sleep!

What have I learned in these past ten years? Well, I'm still learning these lessons.
  1.  The Love of God always surprises but never contradicts itself. It is certainly not comfortable!
  2. A State church will bow to the demands of the State. That's not a reason for hatred, but a call to seek integrity.
  3. Small is beautiful and honesty is the best policy.
  4. Time spent trying to hold the Pre-Reformation Church together with the Post-Reformation Church is valuable but very, very painful.
  5. It feels nice when you stop banging your head against a brick wall; that's not a reason to start banging your head against a brick wall.
  6. There is a fine line for the convert to tread between love for the new home and hatred for the place whence he came. One should learn to love the path behind, no matter how painful, because it is part of the path in front. As long as the light of Christ shines at the end of that path, it is a good path.
  7. There is a sense of humour in following the Tradition of Christ in His Church. It needs to be found quickly and rejoiced in at every step.
  8. Human beings are profoundly wise and profoundly stupid at the same time. No place is this more evident than in the self.
  9. I Corinthians viii.1b
  10. It is vital to know the fourteen works of mercy. These are the beginning of true theology and need to be done before quibbling about the minutiae of liturgy and ceremony.
As for the future of this blogling? No-one knows the future save the One Who Knows. Soon, I think, it will be time to stop. Until then, I'll keep looking for my Latin Dictionary.


Fr Anthony said...

Please don't stop, Father, even with your time taken up with family life. You reflect well, and I see your thoughts go in a new and good direction. Keep up the good work!

Fr Ray Thompson said...

I think a lot of us would miss it if it ceased!

Jefferson said...

I can understand that your blog is not eternal and shall one day come to an end. When that happens is between you and God. :)

We had many similar issues in our conversions. I did not document my journey well. You did, here. I would very much appreciate your keeping the blog up even if you cease writing on it.

I appreciate your work here. Thanks so much. JNO+