Sunday, September 20, 2015

Devotion from Benediction: September 2015

As we gaze up and see Our Lord with the eyes of our Faith, let us offer ourselves to Him wholly in all our lives. Let us see Him and bring all that we are before Him knowing that He is here with us now.

This day, let us commend to Him our Bishop, Damien on this the seventh anniversary of His consecration. Let us remember the Lord's choice of Apostles to work His will and serve His people throughout the world, remembering that service to which all bishops, priests and deacons are called, that the church may be served by their efforts and that all members of the Church may go out to preach the word of God. Let us offer to Our Lord this threefold Apostolic ministry that all who are called to serve may indeed serve in holy devotion, and may ever be good examples of what it means to be holy in this world.

Let us offer ourselves to Him that we may all be made holy, remembering our sinful nature and our fall from Him, and ever remember that we cannot ever be completely bad, for why, then, would He want to save us in such a fashion as He has?

Therefore we before Him, bending...

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