Thursday, July 17, 2014

Knowledge, truth and puffiness

"Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth . And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know . But if any man love God, the same is known of him." (I Cor viii.1-3)
This verse would very much seem to be a damning indictment of theologians. It certainly makes me feel very uncomfortable especially when I know that I've been more of a clever-clogs than a Christian. That's a very good thing! It reminds me of why I am called to seek the Truth.

The truth is that we are constantly being lied to and that those lies are the cleverest form of lie all wrapped up with the truth like the bubbles in a loaf of bread caused by the yeast. The Devil does exist and he is the father of lies - what better way to ensure that his work continue than by convincing people that he does not exist. Until we are perfected, everything that we are or know is pervaded by these bubbles of falsehood, of lack of being, which puff us up into a semblance of true existence.

Our first parents, Adam and Eve introduced the leaven of sin into our world when they fell for the lies of the Serpent. Those lies have indeed caused each one of us to become infected with a lack of awareness as to what the truth is. Thankfully, God has given us grace to know what Truth is and what it looks like. However, we still have to seek it and seek it carefully, examining everything carefully with the torch of inspiration the the Holy Spirit affords us and checking it against what God tells us.

One of the reasons that I get so het up about things theologically is because lies can interfere with the channels of God's grace. It's like knowing that there is water available when we are thirsty and, when seeking it, we are told to walk in the opposite direction; when trying to turn the tap on, we are told the wrong way; and when about to drink that the water is poisoned. I hate profoundly the fact that God is out there and people are being told things which will disable them from ever finding Him. The fact is that listening and trusting God through prayer, study and the sacraments will allow anyone -anyone at all - to succeed in that endeavour.

It comes like a real blow to my face when someone says that God has predestined people to Hell, or that the sacraments are merely symbols, or that I am dressing as a priest but merely play-acting. Those are all lies, and they are refuted in Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and in that inner conviction that I have in my very heart.

Also within my inner conviction as well as in the Faith I preach:
If anyone is being told they are worthless, then they are being lied to.
If anyone is being told that they are beneath anyone else, then they are being lied to.
If anyone is being told that they are above anyone else, then they are being lied to.
If anyone is being told that they are unloveable, then they are being lied to.
If anyone is being told that they are completely lost, damned or Hellbound, then they are being lied to.

There you have it. I admit that at times I am intellectually proud and arrogant. That is because I am imperfect, but the reason that I get very passionate and heated about my faith is because I am trying very hard to show forth the love of God in my life and let people know that there is living water within their grasp which, if they would just reach out, they would find their thirst quenched, their souls revived and their hearts gladdened.

I am not going to pretend that this is easy. The search is long and hard at times, but I know that it's worth it, and I, in my intellectual arrogance, know that I am right.

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