Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sacraments and Sapientia: Epilogue

Ero Cras
Tomorrow I shall be
Rex Gentium
Clavis David
Radix Jesse

No doubt many people will have seen this famous liturgical Latin acrostic formed by the seven antiphons. "Tomorrow I shall be."

This is the vital thing about our sacraments. They bring us into direct contact with God's grace. The effect truly that which they intend to effect because God in Christ has effected them so that He can be in direct contact with us. He becomes that which we see with our eyes, which we look upon and which we handle with our hands. This is the world of life, and tomorrow He fulfills His promise. He shall be with us in full.

Yet, each of us must face our own "Ero Cras". We have to look at ourselves in our imperfection, see all that we actively and viscerally hate about ourselves as being symptoms of not being who God wants us to be and have the confidence to say "Ero Cras" - "Tomorrow, I shall be." Our sins drag us down and make that phrase choke in our throats. This is why we have been given grace, so that we may not only be, but that we may be perfect even as God is perfect. In Him we shall be, and we shall be content and joyful.

Tomorrow, He will be with us.

Tomorrow, we shall be!

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