Monday, December 24, 2012

Twelve days of Christmas

This year, I thought I'd reflect on the song "the Twelve Days of Christmas". There is a bit of mythology surrounding it, in that there are people who believe that it is a catechetical song written by suppressed Catholics in the 16th Century. As it is, there is nothing particularly Roman about the encoding - indeed the points that might be attributed to enumerating articles of belief can be happily affirmed by Protestants as well as Catholics.

Despite this inaccuracy,  I do find it a very joyful piece of catechesis, just as I love the attribution of idas to the four candles on the Advent Wreath (patriarchs, prophets, John the Baptist, Our Lady and Christ in the centre), which appears to be more an English method than global.

Studying the numbers, we do see that the rather wealthy True Love does give 364 presents in total. Who is this True Love? You can probably guess already, especially given the lavishness of the gifts and how they accumulate, that there is only One who Truly loves us and so...

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