Monday, May 07, 2012

Congratulations to a new Bishop

It is with much happiness that I've learned of an old friend's consecration as Bishop. The gentleman I first met on the old Anglo-Catholic Central message board as Fr Jerome Lloyd was consecrated Bishop in the Old Roman Catholic Church, Latin Rite in Canada yesterday. Bishop Lloyd has been a much welcome presence as a representative of Old Catholic views on the Anglican Diaspora and was very much a help during my sojourn in the wilderness of the CofE.

Please join me in praying for his work.


Conchúr said...

It may interest you to know that John Hunwicke is included on the 2012 list of candidates for ordination for the Ordinariate of OLW that was released today.

Warwickensis said...

Thank you for this good new indeed. I hope the Ordinariate will provide the excellent gentleman with the environment to thrive.