Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Seven Last Words: I Thirst



I thirst
St John xix.28

How can God be weak?
The great paradox of the Incarnation is revealed at the Crucifixion. A human body can only take so much. Yet, why desire something to drink if one knows that one is only moments from death? Why not tough it out to the end? Why show yourself to be even weaker and incur further laughter from the crowd?
Even here, Jesus shows that humility is a beautiful gift of God. Rather than show pride, the English stiff upper lip, He shows us that even God is weak and vulnerable. And He bids us recognise our own weakness, and to ask for what we need, even if all seems lost. There is no point in being proud or vain, in boasting in strength, because weakness is an inevitability.
We give Him vinegar to drink.
What does He give us to drink in return?

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