Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friends of the Ordinariate

This site has been launched as a base for Anglicans in the U.K. to connect with each other with regard to the Apostolic Constitution, regardless of whether they intend to take it up.

Since I am very cautious about the Ordinariate and the way it may separate Anglo-Catholics in the UK at a time when the full CofE is debating how to keep dissenters within the same jurisdiction, I am rather glad of this sort of site.

I am of course rather disappointed to see that the Church of Wales is seeking to follow the same litigious route as the CEO of ECUSA. I am also disappointed by certain groups within the Continuum who are behaving like the Roman Catholic Church (yet are fully opposed to the Roman Catholic Church) and claiming that they have the sole definition of being Anglican (ironic because they are all as English as a Big Mac in every way) and thus refuse the adjective Anglican or Anglo-Catholic to anyone who wants to accept the Ordinariate. As I said below, let them pontificate like that. Adjectives mean nothing in Eternity: the desparate search for unity of spirit does.

The next few years are really going to be remarkable in the history of the Church as jurisdictions push and pull and jostle for the souls of the world. The one(s) that come through will be the one(s) that have the true message of charity and affection for God's fallen creatures. Oremus.

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