Friday, March 26, 2021

A Long Engagement

Propers for Palm Sunday

Thoughts for Palm Sunday

Today, it is customary to let the Long Gospel speak its profound truths for itself.

Rather than hear a sermon, perhaps it is better to prepare ourselves to hear the message of the Long Gospel by looking at how we react to its words.

1) If we wave our palms with joy at the triumphal entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem, how do we then stand with the crowd and shout, "Crucify"? How does this happen?

2) How does Pilate make us feel? Do we see a governor pressured into killing an innocent man, or do we see one whose political ambition blinds him to the Truth standing in front of him? What would it take for us to come to the opposite conclusion? What would it take for us to forgive Pilate?

3) As we walk with the Lord to Golgotha, what do we hear from the crowd? Are these voices heard in our lives? Are these voices heard in our own hearts?

4) As we watch the Lord being crucified and hear His words of forgiveness, how far does our ability to forgive really extend? What is its limit? How often do we pray to go beyond that limit?

5) As we watch Our Lord die, how do we see our own death approach? Are we ready to go? If not, why not? If Death comes tomorrow, are we ready?

6) As we watch Our Lord being buried, are we willing to bury someone we love in the tomb we have prepared for ourselves?

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