Sunday, November 29, 2020


Sermon for Advent Sunday

Charles Fort is known as a collector of tales of odd occurrences. One of his books is entitled simply "Lo!" It details an outlandish new astronomy involving teleportation based on tales of disappearing ships and fish falling from the sky.

Of course, it all sounds a bit odd. You might think tales of fish, frogs and fowl falling from the sky as rather mediaeval. Yet, even in the 1970s there are reports of raining nuts, peas and seeds.


There will probably be a scientific explanation for these occurrences but if something unexpected happens, does it point to something greater in significance?  A strange happening begs for explanation but also challenges the security of our lives.

There are to be signs in the heavens, wars and great distress when Our Lord comes again. But aren't there always signs in the heavens? Every year, there's a new report of an asteroid that is going to crash into the earth. There have been some huge wars. People have been in great distress in every decade of every century. And we expect someone to cry, "Lo!" and for the Lord to appear in great glory.

The thing is, Our Lord has form for not giving us what we expect. Sometimes, coming in great glory is entering the city sitting on a donkey.


The events of Palm Sunday do demonstrate God's glory. Remember, glory is the impact that we make on our surroundings. Angels demonstrate God's glory by shining with God's light. Human beings wave palm branches and rejoice. Both will make the watcher say, "Lo!"

The fact is that Our Lord Jesus will return in great glory, but He says Himself, He will come like a thief in the night. We will not expect Him. The reason is clear: if we expect Him at nine o'clock on Tuesday morning, we will spruce ourselves up, tidy the kitchen, and arrange for the children to be in a play-date elsewhere just to make ourselves presentable. Not knowing when He is coming means that we have to be prepared for Him in the humdrum, everyday aspect of our lives. Not knowing when or how He will appear gives us chance to practice our sincerity in believing in Him and improving that belief.

The season of Advent gives us an opportunity to assess our sincerity by asking ourselves what if God were to tap us on the shoulder tomorrow or even a minute from now.


Our Lord was born in great glory when He came the first time and still many people missed the glory of the angels shining all around. We have to admit that when He comes again, we will not have a clue when or how but, if we love Him, we will know that it is He who has come for us. And His Advent for us will make the greatest impact on our lives Eternally.

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