Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The dying embers of the bridge

Pontiff, of course, means "bridge" and in the sacramental presence of Christ in our priests and Bishops, heaven and earth are joined. A priest participates in Christ's being the ladder of Jacob.

I notice that Libby Lane has been elected the first women to take the helm as Bishop of Stockport. For me, this is like watching the final parts of the bridge joining my way to the Church of England burn. There was no turning back for me back in March 2011 and that process of burning the bridge is almost complete. Strange thing is, I didn't set it on fire.

I wish Libby well. She has a difficult job in front of her, and I dare say there will be so many frustrations and difficulties. However, I wish her well from within the Catholic Church, knowing that any Catholic dialogue with the CofE can only ever be statements of well-wishing and affirmations of the ever dwindling common ground. Ecumenism now is just shouting pleasantries to each other from distant shores.

Of course, God is a very good bridge builder. So my prayers for the CofE will not cease.

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