Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Week 2014: Maundy Thursday

Our Lord's descent into Hell started on Maundy Thursday with His agony in the garden  of Gethsemane. Slowly but surely over the next few hours, this world will seek to abandon Him to suffer alone. His friends first, followed by justice, His security, His dignity, His health, and His life. He will end up in the place where all whom this world has forgotten, the mysterious prison of the spirits alluded to in I Peter iii.19. We cannot say for certain what place this is, lying as it does beyond the experience of mortal men.

Yet even this reminds us that we cannot be forgotten, left behind, forsaken, or passed over. We are numbered and accounted for: our names are recorded in Creation itself. We have only to cling on to the living Christ with a living, cultivated and growing faith in Him for our names to be recorded in the Book of Life.

I adore thee, O Lord Jesu Christ, descending into hell and sending forth thy prisoners: I beseech thee, suffer me not to enter there. Amen

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