Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Eighth Station: Jesus meets the Women of Jerusalem

Not everyone is laughing and mocking Jesus. There is an undercurrent of weeping and wailing beneath the catcalls and hilarity. The Pharisees have not won over the people of Jerusalem entirely; there are some who refuse to be deceived based on the signs and wonders that Jesus performed but a few days before. These women make their protests and pleas more vocal; they dare to mourn the passing of Jesus openly. It is their weeping that will pass judgement on those perfidious folk who have instigated this whole travesty of justice. Just as thirty or so years previously the women of Bethlehem bewailed the loss of their children in the injustice of Herod, so these women weep for Christ, but are told to weep for themselves and their own Children. Jerusalem will fall as Jesus predicted. The mockery that rings around Him will be silenced and justice shall be delivered.

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